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Internet marketing authority JERRY ALLOCCA

Speaker, Author of CONNECTED CULTURE and Founder of CORE Interactive

Teacher, mentor, award-winning digital marketer and entrepreneur, Jerry Allocca is a visible and vocal community member, using his skills to teach organizations of every variety how to succeed in our current economy, and making an impact with his work every single day. A generous businessman and tireless networker, Jerry was born in Valley Stream, Long Island on 1/11/74. He is a true New Yorker, and plans to make Long Island his home for the rest of his life.

In the 1990s, when the internet was still in its infancy, Jerry saw the potential for doing business online and started developing creative ways to use this new technology. Local businesses liked his fresh, new approach to marketing, and came to Jerry for help in developing their websites and marketing their businesses online. Jerry's fascination with the technology, and his dedication to helping people, inspired him to work on websites and internet marketing on the side while going to school and working two jobs.  In 1998, after getting enough requests for work, he founded CORE Interactive, with the goal of helping local businesses and non-profits get the most out of their websites and online visibility.

Today, Jerry is a frequent and much sought-after industry speaker on topics such as interactive marketing, social media and website strategies. He has a passion for teaching, and with the intention of mobilizing community businesses and helping them "make it" through this difficult economic environment, Jerry has developed and began teaching a series of popular hands-on workshops. Topics include "Secrets of LinkedIn: Strengthening Your LinkedIn Muscles", "How to Communicate with the Digital Generation" and "7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success." These workshops are designed to help business professionals learn about and employ the new interactive communications tools their customers use every day. Jerry's goal is to inspire business people, motivate them, and show them the road to both surviving and thriving in this economy.

As the popularity of his social media workshops grew, Jerry realized he was filling an important need; the need to help people take their marketing initiatives into the 21 century. Soon Jerry realized that he could help far more people than just those who attended his computer lab workshops. He is not simply following the rules of social engagement in the digital age -- he is writing them; and so he wrote the book CONNECTED CULTURE, which was released on January 11, 2011. This book shows marketers how to embrace social media, text messaging, and internet marketing. He also writes a popular blog with the same title: CONNECTED CULTURE Blog.

In 2011, because of his accomplishments in digital marketing and his support of local businesses in furthering their marketing efforts, Jerry was awarded the Achievement in Digital Communications Award from the International Association of Business Communicators Long Island Chapter.

Jerry realizes the importance of mentoring and was involved in the LISTnet mentoring program. He mentors employees from the Long Island community; teaching them the skills necessary to develop valuable customer service and business skills.

The work Jerry does for his non-profit clients is particularly meaningful—and sometimes very personal. Jerry spends countless hours helping out with fundraisers and other events.

Well-respected by his business peers and a stellar example of a community leader, Jerry Allocca counts helping the environment as another important passion. He sits on the board for the gala committee for The U.S. Green Building Council's, Long Island chapter which is their main fundraiser. He is committed to sustainability and green building and believes that technology can play a key role in improving the world we live in.

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